8. Travel without limits with Julie Jones

8. Travel without limits with Julie Jones

Accessed That · 2023-10-15

Travelling as a family takes a lot of planning. Travelling when one of your kids also has a disability? Even more so. In this episode, we talk to Julie Jones, creator of Australia’s first and only accessibility-focused travel magazine, Travel Without Limits. We find out what it’s like to travel with her family, including her son with cerebral palsy, Braeden.

This episode features Julie Jones, hosted by Karni Liddell and Oliver Hunter. A special thanks to the Queensland tour operators that made this experience possible: Paradise Links Resort Port Douglas, Kur-Cow Barnwell Farm, Rainforestation Nature Park, Nautilus Aviation, Cairns Boat Hire, Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas and Flames Of The Forest.

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Read the transcript here: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/sln524zd5ssjtdryjmcs6/Episode-8-Final-Transcript.docx?rlkey=astuedk2bjsw6njwgg19acgbt&dl=0 

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